physical fitness

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Noun1.physical fitness - good physical conditionphysical fitness - good physical condition; being in shape or in condition
condition, shape - the state of (good) health (especially in the phrases `in condition' or `in shape' or `out of condition' or `out of shape')
fettle - a state of fitness and good health; "in fine fettle"
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He had primed us with such general information as he thought would be necessary for us to pass muster before Sorav, after which we would have to undergo a further examination before Salensus Oll that he might determine our physical fitness and our ability as warriors.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 19, 2019-: Physical Fitness Equipment Market Inside Story - Check Which Players Focusing on Improving Operational Efficiency
ISLAMABAD -- Although there is evidence that exercise can boost mental health, scientists know less about whether physical fitness can prevent the onset of mental health conditions.
The Chief hailed the directives of Interior Minister that led to the fulfilment of the goals of the association, mainly enhancing the physical fitness of personnel.
Euro Sports charter defines All forms of physical activity which, aimed at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental well-being, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 7 (ANI): External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Sunday revealed the secret of his physical fitness after he shared a picture wherein he could be seen playing squash.
Professor Tom Yates of the University of Leicester and a lead author of the study, said: "Our findings could help clarify the relative importance of physical fitness compared to body weight."
Being of a and physical fitness the Initially launched in April 2017 across six Scottish FA regions, 78 girls' Soccer Centres are now in place, with more than 1250 girls participating within the north, east, west, central, south-east and south-west regions.
A lecturer in the Federal College of Education, Abeokuta, Dr Bolatito Adeniji, says there is a connection between physical fitness and mental alertness; and that promoting physical fitness among schoolchildren will inexorably lead to improved academic performance, among other benefits.
To a physiologist, "physical fitness" implies the ability to make adequate physiological adjustments to the stress imposed by a specific task.
ISLAMABAD:Turkish tennis trainer, Celikel Farauk, believes Pakistan has some talented tennis players, but they lacked physical fitness, which is necessary to turn them real pros.