physical restoration

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Noun1.physical restoration - providing help for disabled personsphysical restoration - providing help for disabled persons; the removal or reduction of disabilities
rehabilitation - the restoration of someone to a useful place in society
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Andrews Center maintains a comprehensive program of services featuring the integration of education on campus at the Commonwealth Technical Institute (CTI), a postsecondary school that offers six associate degree programs and nine diploma programs, as well as counseling, vocational evaluation and physical restoration in a barrier-free environment.
The scheme is focused on Pioneer House and the North West Quarter of the Dewsbury Town Centre Conservation Area and as well as physical restoration, the scheme will also offer training in architecture and restoration techniques to help support local employment opportunities.
The DVD takes the participant through a series of easy to follow instructions for both Morning and evening workouts incorporating praise moves, stretching postures, and highly motivating devotional thoughts; resulting in refreshing, emotional peace, spiritual renewal, and physical restoration.
The baukonstruktiven measures have measures at the building service utilities and installtion result and are associated with fire safety upgrading measures and structural measures to improve the situation by building physical restoration of a ventilation of the base floor.
A company press release says the move caps a milestone event for a business worth in excess of Au 600 million and which underwent an historic physical restoration between 2008 and 2010, and has since been repositioned and stabilized for a long-term pre-eminent position in the London luxury hotel market.
Deir Mar Musa's reputation and physical restoration is due much to the efforts, determination and belief of a single man.
After nearly five years of hard work, from fundraising to form filling and physical restoration, Lowlands' owner, West Derby Community Association charitable trust, believes the end of the travails is in sight.
The services include: assessment, mental or physical restoration, college or university training, business or vocational training, adjustment training, on-the-job training, miscellaneous training, counseling or guidance that is substantial and directly related to the rehabilitation plan, job finding services, job placement, transportation, maintenance, and other services not classified above.
As well as the physical restoration of Dinefwr, the project will help to preserve and enhance the heritage and overall appeal of the Tywi valley for future generations.
The Allgood case hinged on whether the term "repair" in Meridian's contract language means physical restoration to the function and appearance before damage or whether it means to include restoration of the vehicle's market value.
We commemorate not only the physical restoration of the site, we also celebrate the strength and resilience of the human spirit.
The intricate work of the physical restoration of the Italian Gardens and the park will start in the near future with the gardens re-opening to the public in late spring.

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