physical topology

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Noun1.physical topology - the appearance of the network; "the physical topologies of local area networks include the bus, the ring and the star"
network topology, topology - the configuration of a communication network
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The IP-layer link failure ratio is the number of concurrent failed links divided by the total number of links in the physical topology, which is selected between 0.
Here, each one of the logical rings and the light paths is assigned a path on the underlying physical topology of the original mesh network.
There are two ways of defining network geometry: the physical topology and the logical (or signal) topology.
Due to the fact that the physical topology is stretched and that all communications fibres run through one or two fibre optic cables, the optimal logical network topology for the backbone is a redundant ring.
Their solutions allow organizations to securely compute, communicate and collaborate without borders or limitations, and their AppIronTM Grid Platform protects vital people, resources and assets from a broad spectrum of threats regardless of their physical topology or geography through utilizing advanced grid and cloud computing technologies.
Because Windows Vista is capable of discovering and displaying the actual physical topology of the network, users can detect and fix connectivity problems by themselves, often avoiding long technical support calls, which are expensive for device manufacturers and can be frustrating to consumers.
It can self-discover the physical topology of data centers, communication rooms and wiring closets, while, at the same time, manage and troubleshoot network connectivity through integration with third-party logical layer applications.
Given the dependence of logical and physical topology of the Internet, regional failures may degrade the resilience of inter-domain routing system.

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