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Noun1.physical value - cost of reproducing physical property minus various allowances (especially depreciation)
cost - the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
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She added: "It's nothing to do with the physical value of it - I would rather have given them PS1,000 for a computer.
When it comes to delivering content to the television, providers have a physical value chain--the headend, the set-top box, the line in the ground (or the eye in the sky).
We demonstrated that phase velocity of the Scholte waves is a handy physical value, which can be used for detection of the liquid properties or, potentially, the changes of other properties of the interface between the solid body and the liquid.
While some collectors prefer to stick with one company, time-period or design, others will invest in designs that appeal and which hold physical value (weight in silver or gold, for instance).
Its physical value as a National Cultural Treasure requires the preservation of its sightlines," he stressed.
Physical value creation looks at material aspects of value creation, such as net worth, asset growth, and benefits created for users and the community.
The solicitor general holds otherwise: its status as a national cultural treasure lies in its visual presence and its physical value requires the preservation of its sightlines.
The speculative premium above the physical value of crude oil set by the financial instruments will rise or fall according to futures markets sentiments influenced by many factors other than those of real supply/demand situations.
One interviewee described the M-2 machine gun, which is almost never used in urban combat scenarios because it causes too much collateral damage: "'We have those on our vehicles, and I think it has more of a psychological value than a real physical value.
Grand Slam-winner Jones knows the physical value of these camps, having been out to Poland three times in the past.
IN PURE BOWHUNTING in this issue, I promote the physical value of training, but the mental and emotional values gained during training sessions may be just as valuable for hunting success, and they may add more to the overall enjoyment of a hunt.
Clearly these items are going to be of real personal and physical value to either one or many people and we are keen to reunite them with their rightful owners.

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