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tr.v. phys·i·cal·ized, phys·i·cal·iz·ing, phys·i·cal·iz·es
1. To express with the body: physicalize one's emotions.
2. To describe or interpret in physical terms: "a writer who physicalizes everything he feels" (James Wolcott).

phys′i·cal·i·za′tion (-kə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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In a scene in which Leia has a heated exchange with Han Solo she wrote" "Ddon't physicalize or raise voice.
But if matter has soul, then to physicalize is of necessity to personalize.
They might, as sensibly, try to physicalize physics by discarding the tools of mathematics.
You physicalize an animal to devise body language for your character,'' he explained.
Material memory, then, differs from other types of memorialization because it looks to print culture to physicalize the past with an individual aura of material distinction.
Even if Poe tries to physicalize abstract philosophy, theorizing about an ideal beauty, his prose transforms such words like "soul," "psyche" or "spirit.
With no furniture or props, except a tiny couch and an occasional scarf to work with, the singers had little to help them physicalize their abundant motivations and desires, other than walk stage right or left.
Rooted in a theology of loss and gain, her poems physicalize the spiritual but also spiritualize the physical.
What Grotowski strives for is to physicalize the deepest personal sensibility of an actor in order to engender his/her unconscious creative objectives.
All of the Princesses now wear a headband with a single feather and shout in excitement as they line up to physicalize their redface.
For the line that serves to physicalize the largely ideological category of the frontier, also masks, as does the etymological shift from vaquero to buckaroo, that, as Richard Rodriguez puts it, "'West' is imaginary.