physician assistant

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physician assistant

n. Abbr. PA
A person trained to provide a variety of medical services, usually under the supervision of a physician.

physi′cian assis`tant

or physi′cian's assis′tant,

a person trained and certified to perform many clinical procedures under the supervision of a physician. Abbr.: PA
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With measures to enable physician assistants (PAs) to more fully provide effective and efficient patient care, SB 110 modernizes the Buckeye State's law for the more than 2,400 practicing PAs.
On April 17, 2015, the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Charleston Division, and University of Charleston Physician Assistant program made a benchmark achievement in the early collaboration and education of their students.
2) News and events (2010) Physician assistant pilot begins.
The other four involve working as a physician assistant.
For Shaw, the traditional path was simply too far away and, as she told her instructor, she would be ready to progress in her career long before the option of physician assistant training was likely to arise.
She is also an active member of the Nevada Academy of Physician Assistants and the American Academy of Physician Assistants.
as a physician assistant in the second-busiest emergency room in the country.
An agreement between the institutions allows students to complete their bachelor's degree in biology at UNH Manchester while meeting the prerequisites for the MCPHS master of physician assistant studies degree.
As a result, when more and more people go to "the doctor," they are more likely to be treated by a licensed clinician who isn't a medical doctor but is most likely a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner.
THE first cohort of newly qualified Physician Assistants graduated from the University of Birmingham in January 2010 with 93 per cent finding employment within six weeks of graduating.
Steve Gage, assistant medical director for South-East Alaska Regional Health Consortium Community Health Services (SEARHC) in Sitka, received the 2008 Physician Assistant of the Year Award from the Alaska Academy of Physician Assistants.
Another new role that is attracting growing attention in this country and which has potentially significant implications for nursing and midwifery is the physician assistant.

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