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1. Relating to both physical and chemical properties.
2. Relating to physical chemistry.


(Chemistry) of, concerned with, or relating to physical chemistry or both physics and chemistry
ˌphysicoˈchemically adv


(ˌfɪz ɪ koʊˈkɛm ɪ kəl)

1. physical and chemical: the physicochemical properties of an isomer.
2. pertaining to physical chemistry.
phys`i•co•chem′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.physicochemical - relating to physical chemistry
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Although, amylose content is not the only factor determining gelatinization temperature, agronomic practices and environmental factors contribute generally to physicochemical properties of starch.
Practicing environmental engineers and designers as well as students will find new information here on a variety of physicochemical water treatment technologies.
a] predictors, now provides the full range of ACD/Labs' physicochemical predictors to GSK scientists worldwide.
The importance of this additional exposure pathway can be fully assessed when accurate estimates become available for a) soil physicochemical properties and contamination pattern beneath CCA-treated structures, b) children's daily soil intake values, and c) relative oral bioavailability of arsenic in CCA-contaminated soils.
This finding confers to the specific surface area a physicochemical aspect unique to this filler.
Triazolone-containing chemical structure; lowest molecular weight of class- -Unique physicochemical properties drive ability to penetrate and induce apoptosis deep into tumor tissue -
Contract notice: monitoring the physicochemical and biological quality of calavon waters
However, there's limited information available on the impact flaxseed has on the physicochemical properties of an extruded bean snack.
They discuss the physicochemical engineering of nanomedicines, their pharmacokinetics, biocompatibility and biodegradability aspects, representative nanoplatforms (based on lipids, polymers, cyclodextrins, metals, carbon, silica, iron oxides, and others) for efficient drug delivery, and advanced nano-engineering strategies for passive, ligand-mediated, or stimuli-sensitive drug targeting.
The late Abduyev (founder of the Soil Reclamation Laboratory of Azerbaijan SSR's Institute of Soil Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry) presented the results of his research conducted with the saline clay soils of the Karabakh steppe into such issues as salt removal, differentiation and conjugacy of salt masses, changes in physicochemical and water-physical properties of soils, and productivity of soils leached by various means for select agricultural crops and forage plants.
Nevertheless, there is neither a comprehensive physicochemical characterization of fonio starch other than the limited characterization of starch obtained from two varieties of fonio [1, 2], nor is there a report on an esterified fonio starch.
Topics include variation of inhibited oxidation parameters in the range of phase transition; kinetics of sulfur vulcanization of 1,4-cis- polyisoprene by differential scanning calorimetry; influence of electric and mechanical forces on the oxidation kinetics and electrocoductive polyisoprene composition properties; physicochemical properties of a regulatory peptide from the bovine eye lens and effects on cataract development; and regulatory proteins from the mammalian liver that display biological activity at ultra low doses.