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Noun1.physics department - the academic department responsible for teaching and research in physics
academic department - a division of a school that is responsible for a given subject
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17 Gr Floor Physics Department Iit Bombay Powai, Mumbai - 400076
MULTAN -- A day-long funfair was held at Physics Department of Bahauddin Zakariya University where students set up a number of stalls here on Wednesday.
Nandi, the principal investigator of this grant, and Babu are regents professors in the physics department.
Dr Naeem Khalid was serving at the Islamia Collage University Peshawar as the chairman of physics department.
Shahid Siddiqui, Monday urged the first-ever students Alumni Association of physics department to devote their energies and potential for betterment of the country and addressing the socio-economic problems.
He commended the achievements of Physics department hoping it will further grow with a passage of time.
A woman accused of stabbing her husband, the head of the University of Oregon's physics department, was taken to the Lane County Jail on Thursday morning after the victim allegedly told hospital staff how his injuries occurred.
in physics from the University of Colorado - Boulder in 1982, then joined the University of Wisconsin Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics Department, and continued his research there until 1999 when he joined LANL.
EDINBURGH University's physics department has been honoured for taking action to promote equality between men and women.
A NORTH East university's physics department has won a national award for improving gender equality across its staff and students.
Sometimes, though university applicants wish to be admitted to physics department, but they might have not met the requirement of taking additional test.
Eyewitness reports suggest that around 100 men entered the campus with iron rods, knives, sticks and javelins They attacked students and then headed towards the Baker laboratory where Physics Department students were attending class.

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