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Noun1.physics department - the academic department responsible for teaching and research in physics
academic department - a division of a school that is responsible for a given subject
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Until this appointment, Dr Bappah Ahmed was a Lecturer at the Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Gombe State University.
It was the eighth such event, organized by the University's Physics department in the recent years.
It is unfortunate that the physics departments are not available in Here, I am the student of 2nd year in Atta Shad Degree College Turbat after college I planned to join physics department in University of Turbat but unfortunately, the physics department is not there.
The club, which was established at the initiative of students from the physics department, aims to expose interested students to the basics and principles of astronomy, and to raise awareness around it.
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah awarded the medal and a certificate to Prof Qaim at a special ceremony organized by the GCU's Physics Department. The friends, colleagues and the wife of Prof Qaim were also present on this occasion.
Then last week, the Physics Department's Professor Dr Mushtaq was fired.
HUNDREDS of Brownies paid a visit to the University of Warwick's physics department to learn all about science earlier this month.
Police said that Haseeb Waqas, a student of physics department, was hit and killed by a speedy bus in front of the main gate of Government Postgraduate College Lakki.
Summary: A new Space Science Track will be introduced at the UAE University's Physics Department in September, with the beginning of the new academic year 2018-2019.
Abu Dhabi: A new Space Science Track will be introduced at the United Arab Emirates University's Physics Department at the start of the 2018-2019 academic year, the university announced in a statement.
Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], May 4 (ANI): Pakistan's National Assembly on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution to rename the Physics department of Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad, which was named after Pakistani physicist Dr Abdus Salam, belonging to minority Ahmadiyya community.

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