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Adj.1.phytophilous - (of animals) feeding on plants
animal, animate being, beast, creature, fauna, brute - a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
herbivorous - feeding only on plants
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This family has phytophilous species that live on vegetation and are known as flycatchers (Garcia, 2008).
The phytophilous family of Naididae was only represented by five species in this study: Nais pardalis, Ophidonais serpentina, Dero digitata, Slavina appendiculata, and Stylaria lacustris.
The non-thar elements, on the other hand, were phytophilous.
They correctly spelt words like phytophilous, xerostomia, and arenicolous, among thousands of other head-scratchers.
Other members of clade D (Amesotropis, Ochrilidia and Thyridota) are regarded as phytophilous and are not included in Jago's Dnopherula Complex.
Due to the concentrations of proteins, lipids and soluble carbohydrates in the cell wall of aquatic macrophytes, this type of vegetation is a diverse food source and favors the development of a microfilm composed of bacteria, protozoa and algae on its surface, which in turn is a primary food source for several phytophilous species.
In this study the effects of oil pollution resembled the effects of moderate organic enrichment such as decrease in diversity, reduction of phytophilous species, and increase in pollution tolerant species observed in other Estonian coastal areas (Kotta, 2000; Kotta et al.
This cosmopolitan Holarctic species is highly mobile, nekto-benthic, phytophilous, and well known to be parthenogenetic (Delorme, 1970, 1989; Uiblein et al.