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1. Of or relating to the piano.
2. Well adapted to the piano.

pi′a·nis′ti·cal·ly adv.


(ˌpi əˈnɪs tɪk)

relating to, characteristic of, or adaptable for the piano.
pi`a•nis′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.pianistic - skilled at or adapted for the piano; "pianistic abilities"
2.pianistic - of or relating to the piano
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Leon Fleisher was a child prodigy who became Artur Schnabel's youngest student at the age of ten, thus continuing a long line of pianistic tradition reaching back to Beethoven himself.
Singing turned into playing, as newly appointed accompanist Jason Hawkins tackled the demanding Masquerade solo with pianistic wizardry, proving himself to be not only a first-class accompanist but a top pianist too.
The entire suite often imitates guitar figurations rather than pianistic ones.
A recent addition to the Van Wezel entertainment schedule, Connick brings his vocal and pianistic talents here Feb.
With a combination of slinky riffs and silky smooth chord changes, Jools' delicate pianistic skills then shadowed the poignant tones of his delightful guest Rumer.
Only a pianistic transcription by a genius like Liszt could begin to do justice to the magnificent orchestral original and despite Jando's best efforts this version never gets below the surface of the work.
Keveren's vast experience as an arranger and pedagogue manifests itself in a consistent level of pianistic challenge across the entire volume, one that offers attractive and satisfying supplements--or mainstays--for the intermediate student.
One standard source on pianistic history, Harold C.
Since his triumph in 1998 at the 11th International Tchaikovsky Competition, Denis Matsuev has become a virtuoso in the grandest of Russian pianistic tradition and has quickly established himself as one of the most prominent pianists of his generation.
Dr Sierra said: "Urban Birds is a piece that juxtaposes natural and electronic sources in an extended pianistic sound world showcasing three formidable soloists.
30pm, but with an Italian tune through the piano recital by Italian pianistic duo Antonella Vitelli and Luciano Bellini.
The show will from French to Italian culture when at 10:30, Italian pianistic duet Antonella Vitelli and Luciano Bellini perform a piano recital.