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Noun1.piano maker - a person who makes pianos
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
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These models also featured piano tones jointly developed with the piano maker C.
Lalique is partnering with piano maker Steinway & Sons to create the Masque de Femme Piano, below, which will be taken on a world tour this year and will include concert dates with well-known artists.
Jody Durst, president of The Durst Organization, added, "This modern classic will make a beautiful gallery and home for the world's finest piano maker.
The fathers become complacent, believing their plan is sure to succeed, all the time unaware that the piano maker and piano teacher are conspiring together to sully the husband-finding mission.
WALTHAM -- A new bid to buy a legendary piano maker could be music to the ears of its shareholders.
The Austrian piano maker dates back to the early 1800s.
If you're prepared to spend more than $200,000 then the collaborative effort of Peter Lyngdorf and piano maker Steinway might be as far as you want to look.
My short time in the Athenaeum Library revealed that Village Street had two pubs, a clock maker, a piano maker, three boot/shoemakers, a chimney sweep (nothing but open fires then), a coal dealer, and two joiners.
Barrett will also be involved with 182-year-old Viennese piano maker Bosendorfer.
She will play Debussy's sensuous and exotic Danses Sacrees et Profanes, commissioned in 1904 by the French piano maker Pleyel for the chromatic harp which they had invented.
Meeting his three brothers Bobby, 40, a piano maker, David, 21, who is unemployed, and James, 19, who has special needs, was he says, a "huge" moment.
ADPnews) - Sep 23, 2009 - The profit of Czech piano maker Petrof went down by 32% in annual terms to CZK 16.