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Noun1.piano music - sheet music to be played on a pianopiano music - sheet music to be played on a piano
sheet music - a musical composition in printed or written form; "she turned the pages of the music as he played"
2.piano music - the sound of music produced by a piano; "he thought he heard piano music next door"
music - (music) the sounds produced by singers or musical instruments (or reproductions of such sounds)
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Math Roberts from Cwm y Glo | GALERI Caernarfon will be alive with the sounds of piano music from across the world as the tutors Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias Music Centre come together to showcase their talents, celebrate the world of piano music, and whet the appetite for the prestigious 2016 Wales International Piano Festival.
The project will provide access to a varied collection of sheet music that includes popular and art songs, Civil War-era songs, piano music, and much more.
Halifax Symphony Orchestra presents An Evening of Ballet Music on Saturday, May 16, and on Sunday afternoon, May 17, there's a tea recital, serving up piano music and cakes.
On a less elevated level they animate his solo piano music and this double CD presents a var-ried selection ranging from pedagogic pieces, the Piano Music for the Young and Old, to more substantial works like the Theme and Variations and Three Pieces.
His contemporary piano music was first introduced to Pandora listeners in 2009 and the streams have steadily increased over the years.
Lowerre 164 Volume of piano music, printed in Europe, New York, and Boston, dates in 1880s.
There," the second part, shifted from an austere, fractious, alien tone to a twisted take on romanticism, underscored by live Brahms piano music.
When he married Clara Wieck in 1840 after a long court battle with her father, he turned from writing solo piano music to song, and in one year he penned romantic vocal music galore, including his Liederkreis and the Frauenliebe und Leben, A Woman's Life and Loves.
Ballerinas dance to piano music, lavender-colored mums sit by the window sill and three Victorian women enjoy pastries and tea.
While Yamaha remains strongly committed to the traditional piano market, the Disklavier reaches a huge untapped audience of people who love piano music but wished they knew how to play.
Jason's," a handsomely furnished cocktail lounge, serves a selection of wines and spirits and showcases live piano music on weekends.
Classical Ireland - Piano Music Volume 4 Mark Bebbington The final volume of his outstanding overview of John Ireland's piano music finds Mark Bebbington at his most adventurous.