piano wire

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Noun1.piano wire - thin steel wire of high tensile strength
wire - ligament made of metal and used to fasten things or make cages or fences etc
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Nightmarish and nihilistic, this is as tight as piano wire and twice as deadly.
galvanized iron wire, annealed iron wire, plasticized iron wire, piano wire, galva bramble, galvanized tensioners, various tensioners, rolled merchants , reinforcing bars, welded wire mesh, sheet metal, pipe fittings, cold sections, drawn steels, expanded metal, etc.
Summary: As soon as I board a plane, I become a sweat-drenched hysteric strung tighter than piano wire.
Nicholls The designer argued that, for a school machine, which would be subject to many, and frequently, rough landings, it was important that the body should be a strong one - so it was braced with piano wire, and covered with three-ply extending the whole length of the body.
The plane is an open wooden structure, cross-braced with piano wire with a partially enclosed cockpit.
Support slots with the likes of rising stars Piano Wire, Forever Cult and Yawning Dog have punctuated a relentless run of shows in the North East with the likes of Mouses, Coquin Migale, Kobadelta and Plaza.
4 piano wire to a second 5/0 black Octopus hook and the remaining side of the Spro swivel.
They should then be given a life ban, taken to the nearest lamppost and strung up with piano wire, their preserved head, dipped in tar and placed on a pike atop London Bridge.
29 ( ANI ): Scientists at Arizona State University are on the brink of understanding what makes the spider's spun fibre - weight for weight - at least five times as strong as piano wire.
Kohyama carves his clay with a piano wire but manages a subtlety of forms that marry with Ikebana or hold the power to serve as objects of lasting meditation.
In one essay his slacks "girded the soft flesh of my belly like piano wire.
Traditional alignment methods, such as using a straight edge or piano wire, although still in common use, can struggle to produce the positional accuracy required by much of today's precision machinery.