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Noun1.pica-pica - a stinging herb of tropical America
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
Cnidoscolus, genus Cnidoscolus - a genus of perennial plant with bristles; belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae
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Chirks and Dips derives its name from the three sisters behind the enterprise, Cheryl, Iris and Karen, and serves a selection of pica-pica (finger foods) while Hinam-is that specializes in desserts is another collaborative effort by siblings-the Mercados: neurosurgeon James and his sisters Dominick and Althea Gabrino.
"My husband and I practice clean eating, so we avoid junk food, no more chips and dips, no more late-night pica-pica." Her calendar for the first quarter alone is already quite full.
That pride shines in Catalan Food: Culture and Flavors from the Mediterranean (Clarkson Potter, $30, 272 pages, ISBN 9780451495884), his culinary love song to the food his mama cooked and to gathering the finest ingredients and "infusing them with Catalan attitude." The recipes, enhanced with anecdotes, range from Pica-Pica, the savory little bites that can make a meal or happily accompany rounds of drinks, to classics like Pork Meatballs with Cuttlefish and Catalan Vegetable Ragout and generous pans of paella and fiduea (short toasted noodles) arrayed with seafood.
So we avoid junk foods, no more chips and dips sa late night, pica-pica. We have salmons and vegetables, and steaks and chicken, it is really just clean eating lang.
A slice or two of the Honey-cured American Ham makes for a great party pica-pica.
They served cocktails and pica-pica. The venue for the special night is the garden at The Manor and anyone who's been at The Manor knows that their garden is one of the most magical spots in the vicinity of the hotel.
Their roof top bar Straight-Up also offers a wide range of drinks and pica-pica amid a 360 degree view of the Bacolod City skyline.
Proper tapas is a perfect repast for those who want to eat a little but taste a lot, what my age group would call pica-pica. And tapas usually implies appetizers of the Spanish kind.
Though not a membership club, Balesin and City Club members are automatically welcomed with a drinks list personally selected by Louie Y and a pica-pica menu with Alphaland executive chef Mark Biddle's favorites.
Like many others, I brought baon for sharing-water, sandwiches, pica-pica. I wore a hat, others had umbrellas, and some brought foldable chairs for sharing, too, as we awaited the verdict.