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picked 1

1. Chosen by careful selection: a racing yacht sailed by a picked crew.
2. Gathered, harvested, or plucked: baskets of picked cotton; a picked turkey.

picked 2

adj. Regional
Pointed: a picked cap.

[From pick.]



1. specially selected: a crew of picked men.
2. cleared or cleaned by or as if by picking: picked fruit.


[pɪkt] ADJescogido, selecto
References in classic literature ?
As she spoke, Amy showed the handsome flask which replaced the cheap one, and looked so earnest and humble in her little effort to forget herself that Meg hugged her on the spot, and Jo pronounced her `a trump', while Beth ran to the window, and picked her finest rose to ornament the stately bottle.
With them Wing Biddlebaum had picked as high as a hundred and forty quarts of strawberries in a day.
That plotter Waddington, or some of his tools, dropped a bomb where it might have done us some injury, but Professor Bumper, who was a fellow passenger, on his way to South America to look for the lost city of Pelone, calmly picked up the bomb, plucked out the fuse, and saved us from bad injuries, if not death.
I picked up my shoes and stockings and followed her through the living-room and down a flight of stairs into a basement.
When alone she sometimes picked it up and kissed the cold glass passionately.
It was at this time, a year before, that young Spear picked the spring flowers to take to his mother.
After they were gone, we picked up one hundred and twenty- five pounds weight of bullets, besides what stuck in the logs of our fort; which certainly is a great proof of their industry.
He means all right, but he's picked up so much slang here that he's about forgotten how to talk English, and it's nigh on to four years since he's met a young lady.
Phoebe threw down a whole handful of cents, which he picked up with joyless eagerness, handed them over to the Italian for safekeeping, and immediately recommenced a series of pantomimic petitions for more.
Perceiving a flock of beach-birds that fed and fluttered along the shore, the naughty child picked up her apron full of pebbles, and, creeping from rock to rock after these small sea-fowl, displayed remarkable dexterity in pelting them.
In addition to his other vocations, he was the singing- master of the neighborhood, and picked up many bright shillings by instructing the young folks in psalmody.
She had picked up a small flat piece of wood, which happened to have in it a little hole that had evidently suggested to her the idea of sticking in another fragment that might figure as a mast and make the thing a boat.