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picked 1

1. Chosen by careful selection: a racing yacht sailed by a picked crew.
2. Gathered, harvested, or plucked: baskets of picked cotton; a picked turkey.

picked 2

adj. Regional
Pointed: a picked cap.

[From pick.]
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1. specially selected: a crew of picked men.
2. cleared or cleaned by or as if by picking: picked fruit.
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[pɪkt] ADJescogido, selecto
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References in classic literature ?
He saw men running through the trenches and he picked off several of them.
One of the soldiers picked up the bullet that had killed his officer, and then it was that real excitement prevailed in that particular bay, for the bullet was obviously of German make.
"I'm sure the Princess is ready to be picked," asserted Dorothy, gazing hard at the beautiful girl on the bush.
So then I got a shovel, and then we picked and shoveled, turn about, and made the fur fly.
They were all hard at work, talking and laughing as they picked. They sat on chairs, on stools, on boxes, with their baskets by their sides, and some stood by the bin throwing the hops they picked straight into it.
The window frame was filled with pots of flowers, and she sat and picked the dry leaves from a rose geranium.
The little girl stood on tip-toe and picked one of the nicest and biggest lunch-boxes, and then she sat down upon the ground and eagerly opened it.
"You can't prove he picked the six-leaved clover, so you've no right to accuse him of it.
Or even if it had been dark a practiced hand would have felt by the rein that there was something wrong in the step, and they would have got down and picked out the stone.
You see, I was right on the outside of the fighting and I got a knock on the head with the butt-end of a spear, and was a bit silly for a moment, and a great chap, who'd seen me near Trent and guessed I was somebody, picked me up as though I'd been a baby and carried me off.
Four sailors had sweated beneath the burden of its weight --Tarzan of the Apes picked it up as though it had been an empty packing case, and with the spade slung to his back by a piece of rope, carried it off into the densest part of the jungle.
"I'm so glad you picked tonight for a call," she said gaily.