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Noun1.pickle barrel - a barrel holding vinegar in which cucumbers are pickled
barrel, cask - a cylindrical container that holds liquids
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The Company franchises and/or operates some of the most recognized brands in the country including Swiss Chalet, Harvey's, St-Hubert, The Keg, Milestones, Montana's, Kelsey's, East Side Mario's, New York Fries, Prime Pubs, Bier Markt, Landing, Original Joe's, State & Main, Elephant & Castle, The Burger's Priest, The Pickle Barrel, Marigolds & Onions, and 1909 Taverne Moderne.
The Pickle Barrel House Museum in Grand Marais is a barrel-shaped cottage that was built in 1926 as a summer home for author/illustrator William Donahey and his wife, author Mary Dickerson Donahey.
These include Denny's, The Pickle Barrel, Starbucks, David's Tea, Hooters and Red Lobster.
Blond and rather slender for its type, a pickle barrel stands by the takeout counter of the famous Washington, DC delicatessen Wagshal's.
They are not so much in a pickle barrel as they are on a revolving spit, being slowly cooked alive while central bankers focus on their Taylor models and fight nonexistent inflation." Gross directs plenty of scorn at those model-driven central bankers, wondering if they have even noticed that "Detroit, Puerto Rico, and soon Chicago, Illinois" cannot meet their promised liabilities.
But real "pickle barrel accuracy," as it was called, didn't come about until the 1980s and was first demonstrated in warfare during Operation Desert Strom, when TV camera images broadcast from the front end of missiles showed them flying through the front doors to enter Iraqi ammunition storage sites.
Bennett planned to be at his job washing windows at the Pickle Barrel on Pleasant Street at 3 p.m.
Further spiking the pickle barrel, the Board also explained that McSweet's sales and advertising figures were not substantial and thus, that there was scant evidence in the record upon which to determine whether there has been a meaningful opportunity for confusion to occur.
By mid-1943, a year after the AAF began bombing German industries, it had become evident to all but the most devoted advocates of high-altitude daylight precision bombing that the actualization of this doctrine did not even come close to the prewar boast that bombers with the Norden bombsight could place a 250-pound bomb into a pickle barrel from 20,000 feet.
the other was an obese hogshead which had once served as a pickle barrel. I have hated dill pickles ever since; so now you know who drew the pickle barrel."
To US readers, the book may be interesting for its cultural style; Bowering's voice sounds reminiscent of the friendlier face of Libertarianism, or a Reagan Republican around the pickle barrel. But then this small-town Western boy points out that socialism sounds like what Jesus was doing and US foreign policy does not.
He is scheduled to play next at the Pickle Barrel Nightclub in Killington, Vermont, on Jan.