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Noun1.pickle relish - relish of chopped (usually sweet) picklespickle relish - relish of chopped (usually sweet) pickles
relish - spicy or savory condiment
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Think of chicken relleno cooked the old-fashioned way: an enormous golden brown chicken with a lush stuffing of ground pork, Chorizo El Rey, pate de foie, pickle relish, raisins, eggs, Vienna sausages and queso de bola.
The pickle relish is key, bringing a sweet-and-sour punch to the ham, then the triad of mayonnaise-replicators -- yogurt, mustard and lemon juice -- gather it all together.
For PHP299, the burger can be enjoyed by diners of all ages with a side of homemade potato chips, Pancake House's special coleslaw, pickle relish, tomato ketchup, and mustard.
Remove the shells, halve the eggs and mash up the yolks with mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, pickle relish, salt and/or pepper to taste.
The city centre location will have new dishes on the menu - including Bolinhos de Caranguejo (crab, prawn and potato croquettes), and Cuban sandwiches consisting of roasted pork belly, pulled pork, Emmental cheese and ham with sweet mustard and green pickle relish.
Instead, it brings to mind the Reagan years when, to satisfy nutritional requirements, the Department of Agriculture and the Food and Nutrition Service tried to pass off pickle relish - not ketchup, as commonly thought - as a vegetable.
These creations involved taking something simple like labneh, a strained yogurt usually eaten for breakfast, and turning it into a breaded and fried nugget served with a pickle relish and watercress.
The relish turned out really good, not too spicy and just the right amount of sweetness."--from "Sweet Spicy Zucchini Pickle Relish"
Combine cooked, cooled corn with chopped pickles or pickle relish for a fast corn relish.
Garnergirls 3.75-ounce jar Mawmaw Dot's Sweet Pickle Relishor Habanero Sweet Pickle Relish, $3 per jar for orders up to 5 cases/60 jars; $2.75 per jar for orders of 6 cases to 9 cases/61 to 108 jars; $2.50 per jar on orders over 10 cases; garnergirls.com
barbecue sauces, pickle relish and more make it easy to just say no to the preservative-filled jar from the store.
All you need is store bought mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, classic yellow mustard, white wine vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika.