pickled herring

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Noun1.pickled herring - herring preserved in a pickling liquid (usually brine or vinegar)
herring - valuable flesh of fatty fish from shallow waters of northern Atlantic or Pacific; usually salted or pickled
rollmops - a pickled herring filet that has been rolled or wrapped around a pickle
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Pundits tried in vain to find a real estate valuation for the 811,000 square miles on Zillow, while others attempted to calculate Greenland's worth in pickled herring. Despite the levity the idea has provoked, it is not entirely in the realm of fantasy.
Among the standouts were Aquavitcured salmon with pickled vegetables and dill dressing, raw marinated halibut with sea buckthorn and dill oil, various kinds of smoked salmon, and the famous pickled herring. Instead of the unpleasantly fishy, oily taste that comes when these dishes are made with seafood that isn't at peak freshness, we were treated to cured salmon that was almost buttery in taste and texture, and halibut and herring that were delicately flavored and almost sweet underneath the pickling brine.
BOB MORTIMER and Richard Ayoade had not long tried their Bismarckhering (pickled herring) sandwiches (Travel Man: 48 Hours In Hamburg, Channel 4, Monday).
Although as kids, we didn't always appreciate some of those everyday Swedish foods, pickled herring, lutefisk -- are acquired tastes.
Consider 'herring under a fur coat': The layered Russian salad is traditionally a psychedelic cake of pickled herring, mayonnaise, onion, and grated boiled veg - including the bright pink of beetroot.
Over the week, we sped across a fjord on an inflatable boat, rode a mountain train past a waterfall and ate pickled herring in an "authentic" Viking village inhabited by Scottish axe-throwers (where I honed my hatchet hurling) and terrifying blueeyed women warriors.
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila's master artisans honor their commitment to gastronomic excellence and present an authentic spread of crayfish and other Nordic specialties featuring: salmon gravadlax with honey dill mustard sauce, crispy roast whole pork, smoked tuna with capers, Swedish meatballs with lingon jam, janssons temptation, toscakaka, and several kinds of pickled herring and quiche.
Pickled herring, widely eaten in Scandinavia and Western Europe, makes use of vinegar too.
While fans back home celebrated the traditional Swedish holiday of Midsummer's Eve with pickled herring and snaps on Friday, some members of their national team are struggling to be fit to face the Germans in their Group F clash in Sochi.
"If we learned anything from the research, it was how incredibly important and how widespread humour was in the Golden Age in Dutch culture, but also in painting," said Anna Tummers, one of the show's curators at the museum, in an interview a few weeks before the opening."The more we worked on it, the more we realised quite how many paintings have a joke as their very core." One of the best known comic images of the 17th century is Hals' own Pekelharing, (Pickled Herring) a portrait of a jester who is red-faced and"pickled" from the inside with liquor.
Harlem is his home now; he's wild about the food, the people and the history, and his new book, The Red Rooster Cook-book (Rux Martin, $37.50, 384 pages, ISBN 9780544639775), celebrates the place where his pickled herring gets along well with cornbread.