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1. A flower, especially a carnation, having petals edged by a contrasting color.
2. A contrasting edge on the petals of a flower.

[French picoté, marked with points, past participle of picoter, to mark with points, from picot, point, picot; see picot.]
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(Plants) a type of carnation having pale petals edged with a darker colour, usually red
(Plants) like a picotee; with darker edges
[C18: from French picoté marked with points, from picot]
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Some hybrids are marked with reddish-purple spots and some flowers might be striped, picotee edged, dark centred, anemone centred or petal-packed doubles.
There is also a lower growing variety with white picotee edging on the deep violet flowers, called Sapphire Swirl, making it a good ground-cover plant.
7.20: SCHMIDT (Rachael Blackmore, 5-2f ) 1; Littlestickarubarb (7-2) 2; Mr Picotee (5-1) 3.
Mr Picotee, who heads the weights, will be bidding for a hat-trick following wins over today's trip at Kilbeggan and Wexford last month.
First she would put a leaf inside with a big violet lying on it, then she would put a very small white picotee, perhaps, on each side of the violet, and then she would sprinkle some lavender on the top, but not to cover their heads.
On the contrary, it seems to be constantly re-inventing itself with extra petals and new colours, some with picotee edges.
Dragon is an interesting variety with seagrass coloured leaves with a red picotee edge.
This lacecap hybrid has large flowers with blue centers and white picotee edges against dark green to green foliage.
Four-inch-long pendant trumpets arrive in swansdown-white in abundance and are, at times, finished off with a pink picotee which is most becoming.
Comprising: Turkenlouis x 3, Pattys Plum x 3 and Picotee x 3.