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1. A picture representing a word, phrase, or idea, especially one used in early writing systems.
2. A pictorial representation of numerical data or relationships, especially a graph, but having each value represented by a proportional number of pictures. In both senses also called pictogram.

[Latin pictus, past participle of pingere, to paint; see peig- in Indo-European roots + -graph.]

pic′to·graph′ic adj.
pic′to·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
pic·tog′ra·phy (pĭk-tŏg′rə-fē) n.
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Adj.1.pictographic - consisting of or characterized by the use of pictographs; "a pictographic script"; "pictographic stage in the development of writing"
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Of or relating to representation by drawings or pictures:
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On the sculptured stones in the Copan valley there are characters which seem to resemble very ancient writing, but this pictographic writing is largely untranslatable.
Use your own made-up pictographic symbols to remind you of your personal goals for the year.
Many of the northern Amerindians likewise used symbols to record their history and culture, such as the Lenape's Walam Olum, both pictographic Algonquin chronicle and historical epic poetry.
This book promises to be a visual approach to learning but it only succeeds in being all too visual and ends up looking like one of those child's pictographic stories where if they want to depict the word "I" they will draw a picture of an eye.
In the Lycos Image Gallery section (http://www.lycos.com/picturethis) the results are displayed as thumbnails with pictographic information (image title, size, etc.).
Broadsides were used as pictographic teaching devices covering the lives of the saints, religious morality lessons, and secular subjects such as the professions, or even the ABC's.
Even the register at McPimpleburger is a computer with pictographic keys.
But I do see troubling portents in Windows 95, Microsoft's pictographic and thus universal language, using icons and mice rather than letters and key stroking."
The format is very intuitive and pictographic allowing even first time users to successfully navigate the tool and locate pertinent information.
That was the likely origin of the pictographic script that followed.
At least part of the reason for the intricacy of the poet's visual description is that we are here dealing with two languages; two means of lending voice to 'trawthe'; the language of the poem itself and the pictographic symbolism of heraldry.