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Noun1.pictorial representation - visual representation as by photography or paintingpictorial representation - visual representation as by photography or painting
representation - an activity that stands as an equivalent of something or results in an equivalent
delineation, depiction, portrayal - representation by drawing or painting etc
tomography, imaging - (medicine) obtaining pictures of the interior of the body
photography, picture taking - the act of taking and printing photographs
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Writing seems to have consisted originally of pictures, which gradually became conventionalized, coming in time to represent syllables, and finally letters on the telephone principle of "T for Tommy." But it would seem that writing nowhere began as an attempt to represent speech it began as a direct pictorial representation of what was to be expressed.
Pictorial representation will include personalities such as actress Genevieve Nnaji, director Stephanie Okereke Linus and filmmaker Kunle Afolayan.
"This study provides evidence of the contributory role of pictorial representation and dialogue about silent atherosclerosis for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease," said the study authors.
Geological Survey of Pakistan is currently working on a project titled "Status of Geological Mapping in Pakistan ### Mineral Map of Pakistan - A Transformation from Pictorial Representation to Geodatabase Management", owing to growing demands for both pictorial as well as digital information pertaining to the present and the future geological mapping and mineral potentials of Pakistan which are steadily, sometimes abruptly, increasing in the recent past especially after the introduction of CPEC in Pakistan.
The exhibition was a blend of calligraphy, paintings, pictorial representation and sketch.
Pictorial representation does not necessarily lead to what we conventionally call "writing," that is, to the use of visual symbols to represent the sounds of a language.
The first pictorial representation of the opossum (by European cultures) can be found near the words "terra nova" (New World) in a corner of a 1516 world map.
Technological representation, also referred to as technology, for the purpose of this article refers to the use of any technology (iPad, computer program, website, app, etc.) that produces moveable replicas of concrete or pictorial representation. Examples might include a website with moveable base ten blocks that can express place value of whole numbers or decimals, apps that have moveable fraction pieces that can be broken apart and grouped with whole number to show a mixed numeral, or a parabola whose shape changes when the user adjusts the variables.
The talk will take the form of a pictorial representation of each aircraft, complete with brief relevant background details.
NDMA Pakistan has also organized a stall in the exhibition at the United Nations Conference Center, Bangkok to showcase its journey through disasters and focusing on DRR through pictorial representation. It also exhibited knowledge tools developed by the NDMA including Risk Atlases for the most vulnerable districts in Pakistan.
Lori Joy Smith's maps are coloured a vibrant yellowy-green, and populated with cheerful animals, smiling geographic formations and jaunty people, offering a fun and informative pictorial representation of Canada's diverse geography, flora and fauna.