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Noun1.pictorial representation - visual representation as by photography or paintingpictorial representation - visual representation as by photography or painting
representation - an activity that stands as an equivalent of something or results in an equivalent
delineation, depiction, portrayal - representation by drawing or painting etc
tomography, imaging - (medicine) obtaining pictures of the interior of the body
photography, picture taking - the act of taking and printing photographs
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But it would seem that writing nowhere began as an attempt to represent speech it began as a direct pictorial representation of what was to be expressed.
ikewise, drawing or making a pictorial representation relating to the also contributed to its solution.
While this explanation appears plausible, it has to rely on pictorial representation and suggestive statements in the letters--the same challenge as with interpreting the message in Bonheur's painting of an injured bird or Degas' double portrait of his wartime friends.
However, the pictorial representation of this event would not suggest that this had been, or indeed should be, the case.
Pozzi considered this woodcut of Polia and Poliphilo a good example of pictorial narration, in which a textually narrated action coincides with its pictorial representation.
All of the biscuits' packs feature a new on-pack green wave design, a pictorial representation for the baking aroma of organic biscuits.
The author classifies that he has considered only the pictorial representation or representation in pictorial art extending the area of this art beyond painting to film, photography, video and T.
The pictorial representation of a fish was also well-established in Christian decorative arts by the second century.
2) In this paper, I discuss Goodman's `symmetry-asymmetry objection' with the aim of showing how Goodman's rejection of the resemblance theory is based on certain mistaken assumptions concerning both the notion of representation, and the role of resemblance in pictorial representation.
Vaenius' Amorum Emblemata presented metaphors from Ovid and other Latin erotic poets with pictorial representation.
The Renaissance ideal of pictorial representation was to arrange forms and colors on a flat surface in such an artful way that the unaided eye would be unable to discriminate between the stimuli it received from the picture, and those it might instead have received from the world.
Thetalk will take the form of a pictorial representation of each aircraft complete with brief relevant background details.