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Noun1.picture postcard - a postcard with a picture on one sidepicture postcard - a postcard with a picture on one side
mailing-card, post card, postal card, postcard - a card for sending messages by post without an envelope
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It was this figure that her husband saw when, having reached the polished Sphinx, having entangled himself with a man selling picture postcards, he turned; the stanza instantly stopped.
The period from 1902 to 1914, just before the outbreak of the First World War, was the Golden Age of the picture postcard.
And while the white stuff created picture postcard scenes across the region, it brought disruption to the trains, airports and roads.
Vista Stunning picture postcard snap of Loch Earn from Mark Stewart, Tullibody
A new book by German authors Siegfried Jahn and Rudolf Oeser focuses on the phenomenon of the picture postcard and the mass consumption of American Indian-themed images that flooded the market in the period between 1900 and 1930--the heyday of the picture postcard.
The rising popularity of selfies and social media means the humble colour picture postcard is no longer the holiday must-have of yesteryear.
This old picture postcard view ofNewcastle'sBlackett Street has, at one time, been lovingly touched up by some creative individual in the days when photos were strictly black and white.
WITH no internet and precious few telephones, the picture postcard was both a novel and efficient way of showing what the folks back home were missing and what a good time you are having (unless, of course, you were up to your neck in muck and bullets in the trenches of the Great War - more of which later).
After the First World War, consumers embraced the saucy cartoons, which many regard as the "golden age of the picture postcard".
The picture postcard of Bilberry Hill, the moorland tract of the Lickey range, was posted from Rednal post office to Ladywood in 1905 and shows two immaculately dressed Edwardian ladies bilberry picking.
Open Letters: Russian Popular Culture and the Picture Postcard, 1880 1922, by Alison Rowley.
Sleeping six, picture postcard pretty thatched Thorn Cottage is PS618 for the week through West Country Cottages, pets welcome.