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Perfect or ideal, especially in appearance: "the sort of picture-perfect New England town that has served writers of eerie stories ... so well" (Eric Scigliano).
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The award-winning actress and her husband are known for posting their picture-perfect relationship on social media.
CHILDREN are using multiple social media profiles to project a "picture-perfect self" as bullying increases online, a report has found.
This new addition to the popular Y series comes with a 20MP AI Selfie Camera that helps users capture the picture-perfect moment in any scenario.
And if you come across a picture-perfect profile and you can feel the jealousy that will likely lead you to investigate their lives stirring within you, remember that social media is not real life.
As per the report, the brawl arose after the two groups had a dispute over a picture-perfect spot.
Her picture-perfect features have been captured deftly by the smartphone.
This portable handy companion fits in your travel bag on business trips and makes short work of wrinkles, letting you head to meetings in picture-perfect form.
Simply scatter seed for a picture-perfect lawn starting in only 14 days.
Amy has looked picture-perfect, even in the midst of pregnancy.
Pitt, of course, looks nothing short of divine a he's even added a well-coiffed goatee to his established arsenal of picture-perfect features.
Hidden in plain sight betwixt the picture-perfect cul-de-sacs of sunny Irvine, California, lies a chute of concrete crust thought "Not even worth it, bro" until the Great Street Spot Die-Off of the early oughts.
And the better we feel about our bodies, the easier it is to feel picture-perfect just the way we are!