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1. Of, suggesting, or suitable for a picture: picturesque rocky shores.
2. Striking or interesting in an unusual way; irregularly or quaintly attractive: a picturesque French café.
3. Strikingly expressive or vivid: picturesque language.

[Alteration of French pittoresque, from Italian pittoresco, from pittore, painter, from Latin pictor; see Pictor.]

pic′tur·esque′ly adv.
pic′tur·esque′ness n.
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Adv.1.picturesquely - in a picturesque manner; "in the building trade such a trader is picturesquely described as a `brass plate' merchant"
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بصورَة بَديعَه
festõi en
á litríkan/myndrænan hátt
çok güzel şekilde


[ˌpɪktʃəˈresklɪ] ADVde modo pintoresco
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advmalerisch, pittoresk (geh); (fig) describeanschaulich, bildhaft; a place picturesquely known as Devil’s Dykeein Ort mit dem malerischen Namen Devils Dyke
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(piktʃəˈresk) adjective
(of places) pretty and interesting. a picturesque village.
ˌpictuˈresquely adverb
ˌpictuˈresqueness noun
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She nodded to the dressmaker, whom she knew and who had curtsied respectfully to her, and seated herself in an armchair beside the looking glass, draping the folds of her velvet dress picturesquely. She did not cease chattering good-naturedly and gaily, continually praising Natasha's beauty.
By degrees, the fate of the unfortunate king interested his auditors so greatly, that the play languished even at the royal table, and the young king, with a pensive look and downcast eye, followed, without appearing to give any attention to it, the smallest details of this Odyssey, very picturesquely related by the Comte de Guiche.
Trophies of blunderbuses, matchlocks, arquebuses, carbines, all kinds of firearms, ancient and modern, were picturesquely interlaced against the walls.
It is most quaintly and picturesquely situated, too.
I look in the glass sometimes at my two long, cylindrical bags (so picturesquely rugged about the knees), my stand-up collar and billycock hat, and wonder what right I have to go about making God's world hideous.
Slenderly penciled, a little darker than her light brown hair, they just fitted her irregular nose that was feminine but not weak, that if anything was piquant and that picturesquely might be declared impudent.
In ten minutes more the first quadrille was in progress on the grass; the spectators were picturesquely grouped round, looking on; and the servants and waiters, no longer wanted, had retired out of sight, to a picnic of their own.
They could be seen on the roads, she tramping stol- idly in her finery--grey dress, black feather, stout boots, prominent white cotton gloves that caught your eye a hundred yards away; and he, his coat slung picturesquely over one shoulder, pacing by her side, gallant of bearing and casting tender glances upon the girl with the golden heart.
It was humbly done, but picturesquely, and was not abasing to the doer.
Thanks: here I refill; now, you pour out again." Freely depicted in his own vocation, gentlemen, the Canaller would make a fine dramatic hero, so abundantly and picturesquely wicked is he.
With a touch of brown paint he would have made up very picturesquely as a Red Indian of the story-books.
One of our bar reviewers many decades ago said it so picturesquely: 'To top the bar exams, you must read and reread and reread the Constitution, the codes, the Rules of Court and all the damn statutes over and over, over and over till the words are erased from the pages.'