piddle away

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 (pĭd′l) Informal
intr.v. pid·dled, pid·dling, pid·dles
To urinate.
Phrasal Verbs:
piddle around
To spend time aimlessly: piddled around the house for a few hours.
piddle away
To spend (time or money) frivolously or unproductively: piddled away his fortune on sports cars; piddled away the hours watching television.

[Origin unknown.]
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Verb1.piddle away - waste timepiddle away - waste time; spend one's time idly or inefficiently
expend, spend, drop - pay out; "spend money"
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Not when presented with such a glaring example of how easy it is to piddle away a fortune in football.
However, there seems to be some sort of karmic justice being played out against a program and its boosters who would piddle away good money trying to buy the award for the young man.
But in the interim period we can't piddle away our time fighting irrational environmentalism.