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Any of several marine bivalve mollusks of the family Pholadidae, having a long rasping shell used to bore into wood, rock, and clay, and often damaging jetties and wharves.

[Origin unknown.]
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(Animals) any marine bivalve of the family Pholadidae, boring into rock, clay, or wood by means of sawlike shell valves. See also shipworm
[C19: origin uncertain]
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(ˈpɪd ək)

any bivalve mollusk of the family Pholadidae, able to burrow in soft rock, wood, etc.
[1850–55; of obscure orig.]
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Noun1.piddock - marine bivalve that bores into rock or clay or wood by means of saw-like shellspiddock - marine bivalve that bores into rock or clay or wood by means of saw-like shells
bivalve, lamellibranch, pelecypod - marine or freshwater mollusks having a soft body with platelike gills enclosed within two shells hinged together
genus Pholas, Pholas - type genus of the family Pholadidae: piddocks
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