pidgin English

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Pidgin English

also pidgin English
Any of several pidgins based on English and now spoken mostly on the Pacific islands and in West Africa.

[Alteration of pigeon English, from Pidgin English pigeon, business, perhaps from a Chinese pronunciation of English business.]
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pidgin English

(Languages) a pidgin in which one of the languages involved is English
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(or Pidg′in) Eng′lish,

1. Chinese Pidgin English.
2. any of various other pidgins with lexicons taken primarily from English, as Bislama and New Guinea Pidgin.
[1820–30; pidgin, pigeon < Chinese Pidgin E: business, affair; orig. uncertain]
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pidgin English

nPidgin-English nt
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pidgin English

[ˈpɪdʒɪnˈɪŋglɪʃ] npidgin english m inv
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"How fashion can do?" Kwaque demanded, who to his beche-de-mer English was already adding pidgin English. "Suppose 'm me fella no got 'm what 'you fella likee?"
However, the preference for English and Nigerian Pidgin English is endangering the language.
One club took receipt of a striker this week, a player whose agent had promised their client was bilingual but it quickly emerged that even a bit of pidgin English was beyond him.
James Roberts, Wallasey Bad language DEAR Mr President Trump, I am writing to ask that you teach your citizens to speak proper English, instead of the pidgin English that they speak today.
The appearance of some Native American characters speaking pidgin English, followed shortly by three witchtype apparitions with Oriental accents, seemed to achieve nothing but show the show's age.
Also, Pidgin English has gained the unofficial status of a recognised second national language in Nigeria.
A Nigerian lady seated two rows on the opposite side from where I was unfastened her belt and went on her knees screaming a prayer in Pidgin English. I looked behind to make eye contact with then-Director of the Kenya National Archives Musila Musembi with whom we had attended a seminar in Abuja.
In one email, an 'account officer' at the bank wrote in pidgin English to 'Debora'.
Meanwhile, Prince Charles ended his African tour and charmed his Nigerian hosts by breaking into Pidgin English, spoken by 75 million on the continent.
And that means speaking pidgin English. So I feel we're living in unintelligible times, with daft Donald Trump on one side, deranged Vladimir Putin on the other, and a looming world war in between.
Spoken passages were delivered in an amusing blend of Italian and pidgin English.
'No Pain Like This Body, No Body Like This Pain' was based on the book by Indo-Caribbean emigre Harold Sonny Ladoo, whose patois or pidgin English fascinated her.