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n. Slang
The mouth.
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4 CARROT HUNGER (iOS, free with in-app purchases) THEY SAY: Track the foods you shove in your piehole with CARROT, the talking calorie counter.
Meanwhile, the folks at Historic Brewing Company serve up malty, refreshing Altbier and vanilla-tinged Piehole Porter.
Be safe: Keep your piehole shut no matter how angry or anxious you are, and distance yourself from the Debbie Downers.
From Crown Royal to Piehole to Orphan Barrel, the company's brands appeal to a wide variety of consumers and have consistently released new expressions over the past few years to take advantage of growing interest in brown spirits.
Recent innovation in this area from Diageo includes Crown Royal Regal Apple, Piehole Whiskey featuring three flavorseapple pie cherry pie and pecan pieeand Jeremiah Weed Spiced, Cinnamon and Sarsaparilla Whiskey.
MIDI MAGAZINE: This new Infamy into Glory album, some of it, particularly tracks 5 and 7, sound a lot like the work you did earlier in your career with bands like Piehole and Wreck.
Ergo: this beverage is psychically transmitted from the Lost island, and its excellence is directly related to the natural magneto-psychic energy rumbling in the piehole underneath that longhair's bachelor suite.
There I stood, hoping to pass off as a knowlegable veteran in the throes of expert contemplation when I was really just a fat bloke stuffing his piehole and brewing up a big gas problem.
Bad Shit is reality and you haven't experienced anything 'til you throw on the headphones and inject this malice straight into your brain, leaving your piehole raw with envy.
Piehole Whiskeys, a combination of Canadian whisky and pie-flavored liqueur, launched this past November.
Piehole Whiskeys launched in November 2014, a mix of Canadian whisky and pie-flavored liqueur.