pier arch

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Noun1.pier arch - an arch supported on pierspier arch - an arch supported on piers    
arch - (architecture) a masonry construction (usually curved) for spanning an opening and supporting the weight above it
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The Victorian West Pier Arches on either side of the tower, under the seafront road, were rebuilt from scratch and opened in July 2014 as cosmopolitan-feeling galleries, craft and boutique gift shops.
Across the road from the West Pier Arches, we stay at the 131-room Holiday Inn, which has also just undergone a major refurbishment, giving its lobby a stylish Scandi feel, and ultra-comfy sea-view rooms.
Next we toured the locations where Quadrophenia was filmed - the seafront balcony over which Rockers were dangled by the rivals and the pier arches where Mods found themselves sleeping with the enemy.