pier mirror

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Noun1.pier mirror - a large mirror between two windowspier mirror - a large mirror between two windows  
mirror - polished surface that forms images by reflecting light
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5-bath house has a living room, formal dining room, and den, two gas fire places, coffered ceilings, pocket doors, and a floor to ceiling pier mirror.
The purpose of this notice is to a single market for studies, prototyping, manufacturing, supply and installation of shelters, glass walls, technical cabinets, lockers, service centers and information, barrierages, Assize bench and ischial, validation terminals, multifunctional poles, pier mirror, totems, input media information, advertising materials, small furniture and miscellaneous equipment stations, as well as spare parts for maintenance.
A pier mirror reflects the image of the hostess in period dress regaling visitors with the storied past, humorous anecdotes, and secrets of her home.