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v. pierced, pierc·ing, pierc·es
1. To cut or pass through with or as if with a sharp instrument; stab or penetrate.
2. To make a hole or opening in; perforate.
3. To make a way through: The path pierced the wilderness.
4. To sound sharply through: His shout pierced the din.
5. To succeed in penetrating (something) with the eyes or the intellect: Large glowing yellow eyes pierced the darkness.
To penetrate into or through something: The rocket pierced through space.

[Middle English percen, from Old French percer, probably from Vulgar Latin *pertūsiāre, from Latin pertūsus, past participle of pertundere, to bore through : per-, per- + tundere, to beat.]

pierc′er n.
pierc′ing adj.
pierc′ing·ly adv.
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n (= body piercer)Piercer(in) m(f)
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'It must be a piercer, if it finds its way through your heart,' said Mr.
They were not long about beginning, and Mars piercer of shields opened the battle.
A COFFIN maker, body piercer and tattooist will all feature in a photography exhibition focusing on a town's industries.
New at this year's show was an egg timer with built-in egg piercer from OXO; Lifetime Brands' Swirlin' egg poacher with vents that move the egg in the water without stirring; and Joseph Joseph had the Elevate egg spatula, O-Tongs, to easily transfer eggs, and the Froach, for frying or poaching.
Judge Amjad Nawaz said he was registered only as a tattooist and piercer, adding: "He exposed each of the victims to serious risk."
Did you also know that the stunner got her nose piercer for the first time especially for this role.
"That one caught me off guard a tiny bit!" Design 4 Life isn't just about tattoos it also has a piercing studio and body piercer Daniel Wright said one of the most insane piercings he has ever done is the corset piercing.
Later, when I was cleaning it, I could see the mark was more than a centimetre away." Justine returned to the shop to complain and now intends to report the piercer to watchdogs.
Speaking from the tattoo studio at which she works the 21-year-old contender for Alternative Model of the Year said: "Hello My name is Emily; I'm a full time piercer, trainee tattooist and a trainee at laser treatment tattoo removal.
Jeanette Seed huddersfield examiner Piercer Les Clancy says Huddersfield University has banned him from promoting his body piercing store Silver Lining to new students As a student who attended this university and freshers etc, I think there are too many flyers and bits of rubbish anyway.
It comes with major additional options, such as a barcode reader, a can piercer (for testing bottles and cans) or Bluetooth capabilities.