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 (pē′ĭ-zŏm′ĭ-tər, pī′-)
An instrument for measuring pressure, especially high pressure.

pi·e′zo·met′ric (pē-ā′-zə-mĕt′rĭk, pī-ē′-) adj.
pi′e·zom′e·try n.
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(General Physics) any instrument for the measurement of pressure (piezometry), esp very high pressure, or for measuring the compressibility of materials under pressure
piezometric adj
piˌezoˈmetrically adv
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(ˌpaɪ əˈzɒm ɪ tər, ˌpi ə-)

any of several instruments for measuring the pressure of a fluid or the compressibility of a substance when subjected to such a pressure.
[1810–20; < Greek piéz(ein) to press + -o- + -meter]
pi•e•zo•met•ric (paɪˌi zəˈmɛ trɪk, piˌeɪ-) pi•e`zo•met′ri•cal, adj.
pi`e•zom′e•try, (-tri) n.
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one of various devices for measuring the pressure of a fluid or the degree of compressibility of a substance when subjected to such pressure. — piezometric, adj.
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Noun1.piezometer - a measuring instrument for measuring high pressures
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
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Monitoring and control instrument would have automatic water level recorders, vibrating wire piezometers, reactivation of the existing water level observation wells, acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) for a bathymetric survey, permanent discharge measurement station using horizontal acoustic Doppler profiler (H-ADCP), at Bukkur gorge (two numbers), CCTV cameras and telecommunication.
The measured groundwater level in piezometers by the Oko spring (Figure 1) is around 60 m a.s.l.
Additionally, the investigation includes substantial field testing and monitoring, including the installation of piezometers, packer permeability testing, falling head permeability testing, pressuremeter testing, as well as down-hole and surficial electrical resistivity geophysical tests.
During year one, monthly samples were collected from septic tanks while piezometers and estuary surface water samples were collected bimonthly (November 2009, January 2010, March 2010, and May 2010).
In this research, 7 groups of piezometers with 3.4 inches diameter were installed in 8 different depths.
To measure pore water pressure development, pneumatic piezometers and hydraulic piezometers were installed.
Positive pore water pressure is continuously measured on the site by piezometers. However, as most piezometers available cannot cope with extremes of negative water pressure, the Bionics team is using even more specialised equipment.
In the interim, he said, testing devices called piezometers have been installed in the core of the dam.
* The ability to work with extensometers, piezometers, inclinometers, strain gauges, pressure cells, crack meters and tilt meters.