pig Latin

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pig Latin

A jargon systematically formed by the transposition of the initial consonant to the end of the word and the suffixation of an additional syllable, as igpay atinlay for pig Latin.

Pig Latin

(Languages) a secret language used by children in which any consonants at the beginning of a word are placed at the end, followed by -ay; for example cathedral becomes athedralcay

pig′ Lat`in

a form of language, used esp. by children, derived from ordinary English by moving the first consonant or consonant cluster of each word to the end of the word and adding the sound (ā), as in Eakspay igpay atinlay for “Speak Pig Latin.”
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Pig runs as a client-side application and has an interactive shell named Grunt used for running Pig Latin programs.
com/dialect/, and it offers Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Redneck, Jive, Cockney, Moron, Pig Latin, or Hacker.
Creative fans circumvented the song filter by using Pig Latin and other alternate spellings--a search for "etallicaM" still turned up Metallica songs--but Napster is refining the blocks.
To translate your favorite saying into pig latin, try this Web site: www.
From an expert opinion submitted as evidence in August by the California Department of Motor Vehicles in an action the DMV had brought against Randy Braverman, the owner of a vanity license plate that reads UKFAUYA; the DMV contends that the letters spell "fuck you" in pig Latin.
Written with a mix of Pig Latin and sometimes Filipino, the texts on these amulets supplement both Catholic and precolonial images.
Pig Latin is intended to modify spoken English, so it should operate on pronunciations, not spellings.
1 left-handed reliever born on a Tuesday from North Dakota whose second language is pig Latin.
Verlan is used every day in French, unlike pig Latin in America.
Tim doesn't really speak in syllables--he talks in ethnic grunts, sort of like Tribal Pig Latin .
For example, many people know that Google will translate foreign text and whole pages, but the book explains how to change your interface preference to another language, including fictional ones like Klingon or Pig Latin.