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1. A small compartment or recess, as in a desk, for holding papers; a cubbyhole.
2. A specific, often oversimplified category.
3. The small hole or holes in a pigeon loft for nesting.
tr.v. pi·geon·holed, pi·geon·hol·ing, pi·geon·holes
1. To place or file in a small compartment or recess.
2. To classify mentally; categorize.
3. To put aside and ignore; shelve.
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Noun1.pigeonholing - a system for classifying things into groups
classification system - a system for classifying things
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Pigeonholing by gender WHILE the Shergar Cup might not be for the purist there is no doubt it is a popular event.
Does this blending of your day job and comedy - you could call it enviromic - risk pigeonholing you?
Professor Chris O'Neil, the dean of the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, said support bodies like regional development agencies had done a lot of good work to support creative industries, but needed to stop pigeonholing creative businesses.