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I told him the dingey was nearly swamped, and he reached me a piggin. I was jerked back as the rope tightened between the boats.
I heard the bows ground in the sand, staved the dingey off the rudder of the big boat with my piggin, and freeing the painter, landed.
Partly to show the indispensableness of this act, it may here be stated, that, in the old Dutch fishery, a mop was used to dash the running line with water; in many other ships, a wooden piggin, or bailer, is set apart for that purpose.
Sometimes described as 'Tommy Talker' bands, but under various names that reflected their place of origin - the Almondbury Highlanders, Lindley Jiggerum Juggerum, Paddock Silver Piggin Band, the Rose and Crown Band, Slaithwaite and Deighton Mulligan Guards - these bands performed at a variety of local events in the decades on either side of the Great War.
[17] Richard Piggin and Ian Buffey, "Active Defence Using an Operational Technology Honeypot," in Proc.
Piggin and Linder primarily tell how the evangelical movement has helped to shape Australian history, but secondarily how the Australian context has shaped the evangelical movement.
Michael Piggin, 20, was held indefinitely under the Mental Health Act in 2014 after an arsenal was found in his bedroom in Loughborough, Leics.
TEENAGER Michael Piggin, who kept a stash of weapons in his home but denied he was planning a repeat of the Columbine school massacre, has been detained under the Mental Health Act.
Corporate partner Ian Piggin led the Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 12-strong multidiscipline team.
The second is a piggin string, which you can buy in most feed and ranch supply stores.
Prosecutors said Michael Piggin, 18, kept petrol bombs, air rifles, pistols and armour at his home to use against staff and pupils at his former high school in Loughborough, Leicestershire.