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Pine nuts.

[Italian, pl. of pignolo, pine nut, from pigna, pine cone, variant of pina, from Latin pīnea; see pineal.]
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The Italian term for pine nuts.
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In 1986, Pignoli and colleagues reported that arterial wall intima-media thickness (IMT) could be measured non-invasively by B-mode ultrasonography (17).
The kindness of Ricardo Albano, Director of Special Collections, who'd invited him several times to lunch at an elegant restaurant near the University and one memorable evening to dinner in his beautiful old brownstone residence on the Viale di Pignoli, when he'd introduced the young American to his wife and daughter.
Michel Garcia Maciel (1), Marcela Brum (2) Gisele Pignoli Del Bianco (2), Larissa da Cunha Feio Costa (3)
The distance between the leading edge of the first echogenic line and the leading edge of the other echogenic line was measured, as defined by Pignoli et al.
Its name comes from the tool with which it's traditionally made, the pestle, used to crush the basil in a mortar along with salt, garlic, olive oil, Parmesan cheese and pignoli (pine nuts).
C-IMT was defined as a low-level echo greyband that does not project into the arterial lumen and was measured during end-diastole according to the method described by Pignoli: by focusing and freezing images on the distal wall of the common carotid artery on the lengthwise axis, the C-IMT was the distance between the leading borders of the first hyperechoic line and of the second hyperechoic line, separated by a hypoechoic space "double-track pattern" [41].
The seeds (pine nuts) are called piAones in Spanish and pinoli or pignoli in Italian.
The children were examined using a cardiovascular ultrasound system (Vivid i[R]; General Electric, Milwaukee, WI, USA) equipped with a 14-MHz linear transducer; the examiner followed a standardized protocol using B-mode ultrasound with the child in a supine position with the head turned slightly to the left and then right (Pignoli et al.
Mulher moderna e presidente de multinacional, faz supermercado, leva filho na escola, corre oito quilometros por dia e prepara um inesquecivel risoto de rucula com pignoli. "Desde que comecaram a queimar sutia, voces so estao levando cacetadas dos homens.