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1. A pen for pigs.
2. Informal A dirty or very untidy place.
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1. (Agriculture) a pen for pigs; sty
2. a dirty or untidy place
Also called: pigsty
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1. a pen for keeping pigs.
2. a filthy or flagrantly untidy place.
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Noun1.pigpen - a pen for swinepigpen - a pen for swine      
pen - an enclosure for confining livestock
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pig pen [ˈpɪgpɛn] (mainly US) n (= pigsty) → enclos m à cochons
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"The Old Man and the Old Moon" was written by members of the PigPen Theatre Co., including Vernon Hills High alumnus Matt Nuernberger.
If you can stop up the ears to your empathy with souvlaki and cigarettes, eat and smoke like a king and not feel bad that these are the spoils of years of conservative and punitive economic policy then Greece, my friend, is your pigpen.
She wrote about "a family who built a makeshift home, made of rice sacks, on the edge of a cliff right across the mountain where their nipa hut used to be, and another family that turned their pigpen into their temporary sleeping area.
After a short conversation, in which Kian begs his tormentors to stop - Sir, huwag po, sir - they drag him near the pigpen. Shots are fired by Oares and Pereda, with Cruz standing guard.
The line-up consisted of Jerry Garcia on lead guitar, Bob Welch on rhythm guitar, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan on organ and harmonica, Phil Lesh on bass and Phil Kruetzmann on drums.
With the ability to anticipate porcine aggression, farmers could head off damage to their livestock by deploying distractions into the pigpen such as straw, knotted ropes, or shredded cardboard, which tap into the pigs' instincts to root and chew.
Slowly he approached the barnyard and then successfully entered the pigpen. We had removed Petunia II and Porky to protect them from any injury or unknown disease.
Rear Admiral Suleiman, who asked his traducers to substantiate the allegations against him, in a telephone conversation as reported by PigPen Online, enthused thus: I'm not bothered about the allegations they have raised because I know the source.
In the past, we've run a 6-by-8-foot hinged pigpen containing two pigs down through the winter chicken quarters.
A Kansas woman received a life sentence Monday following the gruesome death of her 7-year-old stepson, who was beaten, starved and left to die in a pigpen over a year ago.
She keeps cleaning until finally, she comes to the pigpen where Small Pig is a happy little porker.
And the image of Pigpen? That turns out to be true, too.