pigs' feet

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Noun1.pigs' feet - feet or knuckles of hogs used as food; pickled or stewed or jellied
porc - meat from a domestic hog or pig
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She spread an amazing array of ham and chicken sandwiches, crab salad, hard-boiled eggs, pickled pigs' feet, ripe olives and dill pickles, Swiss cheese, salted almonds, oranges and bananas, and several pint bottles of beer.
"He became an idol of the Villa Park terraces, although his move to Scotland was almost halted by a bloodthirsty mob who pelted him with bananas and pigs' feet. But Walters stood firm to become one of England's most popular exports."
On the inside bottom, ajar of pigs' feet sloshing in lime-tinged liquid.
See the impressive feasts on display at Pockerley Old Hall (pickled pigs' feet anyone?) and The 1940s Farm and enjoy the beautiful Harvest Festival displays and choir performances in The Pit Village chapel.
The secret ingredients included rainbow carrots, whole shrimp, beet hummus, and pickled pigs' feet. "I've never cooked with beet hummus, and certainly never even tried pickled pigs' feet," he says.
But I wanted to elevate it so I made pigs' feet terrine with lobster and sweetbreads served on a lentil salad with bordelaise.
Instead of working on humans, students practiced their stitching on pigs' feet and injected cherry juice into oranges.
Or at least the part of America which doesn't live i exactly like them, eating cheese puffs for breakfast and bobbing for raw pigs' feet at the Redneck Games.
It's not just that Florentines can get a passable tomato at the end of January, or even better-looking pigs' feet at half the price I pay at Valli Produce.
There's also pigs' feet and cow thyroid nuggets, skewered beef hearts, brain salad wrap and crispy brain dippers in barbecue sauce.
HOT TO TROTTER J Bobbin' for pigs' feet, left, is one of the most popular events while another competitor, right, finds the going can be muddy hard at the Redneck Games LOO-PY n Redneck horseshoes TAKE SPLAT n Mudpit belly flop contest in full flow
She has given up her beloved chitterlings, pigs' feet and ham hocks in favour of a health foods diet, and she hopes to get down to a size 16.