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1. A braid or ponytail, especially one of a pair worn one on each side of the head.
2. A short length of wire used to connect other wires to each other or to an electrical device.
3. A twisted roll of tobacco.

pig′tail′ v.
pig′tailed′ adj.
References in classic literature ?
With which the General gave his young friend a finger to shake, and a good-natured nod of his powdered and pigtailed head; and the door being closed upon Dobbin, sate down to pen a poulet (he was exceedingly vain of his French) to Mademoiselle Amenaide of His Majesty's Theatre.
An interesting piece is "Much more dismay", where a pigtailed girl's grave expression peeks through veils of pattern.
Fallaci was born in 1929 to working-class parents and proved her dauntlessness as a tiny, pigtailed bike messenger for anti-Fascists in the Second World War Florence, when she was just 14.
Other highlights of a fun-packed day included Daniel Ham, 26, an electrical engineer from Redcar, winning a bet with his mates that he wouldn't dare dress as a pigtailed fraulein.
Margot Robbie plays the pigtailed anti-hero and her relationship with The Joker has already been glimpsed in the 2016 hit Suicide Squad.
Let's face it: A know-it-all preteen has the potential to be extremely annoying, but Bradley manages to make pigtailed crime-solver Flavia de Luce both likable and clever.
If you've been wondering where George Ezra has been since 2015, turns out he's been in Barcelona with a sunglasses wearing pigtailed Old English Sheepdog called Mary.
Tenders invited for Supply of Pigtailed single mode fiber apheric collimator
Indeed, since the early days of the medium, cinema aimed at viewers both young and young at heart has continued to champion unconventional bonds, whether between a pigtailed girl and a scarecrow, tin man and lion in a technicolour world, a young boy and an extraterrestrial trying to phone home, or a lost teen and a labyrinth-dwelling goblin king.
He keeps a pigtailed Doc McStuffins doll at hand because a nervous young patient once told him she was inspired by the Disney character.
Pigtailed Princess Violet is almost as frivolous as her doting father; he would rather take care of his pet flea than his kingdom.
Yet, what Hilda would give for a pigtailed granddaughter, whom she might convert to her side and teach to cook a proper meal.