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Noun1.Pike perch - any of several pike-like fishes of the perch familypike perch - any of several pike-like fishes of the perch family
perch - spiny-finned freshwater food and game fishes
jack salmon, Stizostedion vitreum, walleyed pike, dory, walleye - pike-like freshwater perches
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6 thousand tons or 97% of the total volume) is grown on commodity fish farms of the region, and there are also farms that grow whitefish (61 tons), sturgeon (39 tons), carp (50 tons), klasievoy catfish (45 tons), nelma (8 tons), a paly (10 tons), pike perch (1 ton).
Those who showed up were treated to a meal of grilled beef tenderloin with green pea puree or fried Swiss pike perch with purple carrot puree.
The fish species used for this study were golden grey mullet (Liza Aurata), common carp (Caprinus Carpio), common kilka (Clupeonella Cultriventrif Caspea), Caspian kutum (Rutilus Srisii Kutum) and pike perch (Sander Lucioperea).
The lipid content of golden grey mullet, common carp, common kilka, Caspian kutum and pike perch were determined by Bligh and Dyer method (Bligh and Dyer.
5% duties imposed on pike perch imports by the European Union are a number of companies in the Baltics that will soon join the Euro-zone club of privileged commercial players.
After Estonia enters the EU in May, we will be much more competitive with Russian suppliers of frozen pike perch to Europe," said Helle Nuut of JAPS Ltd.
Fin abnormalities of pike perch in coastal area off the Finnish South coast.
In the Republic of Karelia, amateur anglers can catch up to 1 kg of whitefish (all forms of the species), 2 kg of pike perch (live form) and paly, 5 kg trout of trout of the Topo-Piaozersky reservoir, 15 kg of rylad and smelt or other fish species in total.
Zander, a European pike perch related to walleye pike, is one of the world's most prized freshwater fish.
As the analysis of catch volumes has shown, trawler vessels are interested in fishing for large-scale fish species (whitefish, pike perch, bream).