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Noun1.pike-perch - any of several pike-like fishes of the perch familypike-perch - any of several pike-like fishes of the perch family
perch - spiny-finned freshwater food and game fishes
jack salmon, Stizostedion vitreum, walleyed pike, dory, walleye - pike-like freshwater perches
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Contract notice: Raw material for pike-perch and pike-perching nests
A menu features European regional cuisine made with locallysourced products, including river salmon and pike-perch.
Salmon, brown trout and pike-perch swim even in the middle of Stockholm, where Lake Malaren flows between Parliament and the Royal Palace.
Specifically, this is done through the provision of artificial spawning substrata for the commercially valuable fish pike-perch in Parnu Bay.
They intend to catch the biggest pike-perch (walleye without white tail spot) ever, or never, seen.
First-class customers can look forward to offerings such as a fillet of veal with citrus crust, served with gnocchi alla romana, chicken breast with Mediterranean filling served with gratin dauphinois or a courgette flower filled with pike-perch mousse.
and the pike-perch, fresh from the lake, is another speciality which is worth a try if you cannot face another meat-heavy meal.
Avoid the McDonald's (is nowhere safe?), and spend your kroon on pike-perch, wild boar and moose in the local cafes.
All-Fish Handels GmbH, Kiel, Germany (Fax: +49 431-54 58 409), will be on hand at Hall 9, Stand 4133 with a host of IQF fillets and other frozen products, including salmon, squid, cuttlefish, lobster, greenshell mussels, peeled red shrimp, monk fillets, monk tails, oil fish, pike-perch, kingklip, headed and gutted hake and hake fillets.
Zander (a species of pike-perch) is the name of the latest London restaurant by Julyan Wickham and his practice, renamed Wickham van Eyck architects.