pilar cyst

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Noun1.pilar cyst - a common cyst of the skinpilar cyst - a common cyst of the skin; filled with fatty matter (sebum) that is secreted by a sebaceous gland that has been blocked
chalazion, Meibomian cyst - a small sebaceous cyst of the eyelid resulting when a Meibomian gland is blocked
cyst - a closed sac that develops abnormally in some body structure
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[6] It is a large, solitary, multilobulated lesion that may arise within a trichilemmal cyst (Pilar cyst).
Pilomatrixoma (19.13%) was the most common tumor encountered in the study followed by pilar cyst (14.89%).
In addition to the pilar cyst feature, the histopathology of malignant proliferative trichilemmal tumor shows excessive epithelial proliferation, variable cytologic atypia, mitotic activity, atypical mitosis, nuclear polymorphism, adjacent invasion, and metastasis.