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The symbol (¶).

[Alteration (influenced by crow) of Middle English pilcraft, pilcrow, paragraph, alteration (influenced by Middle English pill, to peel, make bald, and craft, skill, work, piece of work) of Old French paragrafe, pelagraphe, paragraph; see paragraph.]
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(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) typography a typographical symbol (¶) used to mark the start of a paragraph
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THE PILCROW THIS is the pub that was built by the residents of Manchester - though is thankfully much sturdier than that sentence suggests.
The nominees (left to right): The Marble Arch, The Bay Horse Tavern, The Smithfield Market Tavern, The Pilcrow, Reasons To Be Cheerful
Houston (blogger, Edinburgh) combines an interesting history of punctuation marks, such as the pilcrow, octothorpe, and ampersand, with setting them in their context, not only within the relatively small world of typesetting but in their overall milieu.
JOHN CROMER, the hero of Pilcrow, Adam Mars-Jones' new novel, is the son of a British Air Commander father and a snobby mother who's insecure about her class standing.
Mars-Jones sets Pilcrow in the 1950's and early 60's.
Organised by the teams behind the city's famous Indy Man Beer Con festival, Cloudwater brewery and craft beer bars The Pilcrow and Port Street Beer House, the three-day Summer Beer Thing returns to Sadler's Yard for a second year running from Friday June 29 to Sunday July 1.
The public square outside The Pilcrow will act as the nerve centre, housing a marquee of cherrypicked craft beers, gin, prosecco and street food.
The Pilcrow If you want a good pub, sometimes you just have to built it yourself.
Operated by Oh Ok, The Pilcrow has become a satisfying find on any beer lover's city centre crawl.