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The pile-up of 44 cars due to fog on February 6 was sad and disturbing.
A metallic, hissing female voice told him not to travel on the Breda-Rotterdam motorway on August 25 or he would be horribly disfigured by fire in a pile-up.
In March 2016, around 28 people were injured in a chain-reaction pile-up on State Route 247 in Lucerne Valley in San Bernardino County which was blamed on poor visibility due to a dust storm, authorities said.
Foggy weather led to a massive pile-up of 130 cars of Now Ruz vacationers trying to reach Mashhad last Friday.
A Bahraini woman was injured in a four-vehicle pile-up at around 9am yesterday on Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Highway leading towards Manama near Seef Mall.
But as soon as the first collision was cleared, another pile-up involving six vehicles happened on the southbound carriageway near to the Angel of the North.
Four cars were involved in a pile-up on the southbound carriageway just before 7am and three lanes of the carriageway were blocked and traffic halted as Highways Agency teams worked to clear debris from the motorway.
In 2008, more than 60 cars were involved in a massive pile-up on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway, killing five and leaving more than 350 others injured.
IMA technology would warn the driver not to enter an intersection, preventing a possible pile-up of vehicles.
In such an accident at least three people were killed and 350 injured in a 60 vehicle pile-up on Abu Dhabi-Dubai Road near Ghantoot in March 2008.
The planets either stop right before or behind the gap, creating a pile-up," Pascucci said.