(pī′lē-ā′tĭd) also pi·le·ate (-ĭt)
1. Botany Having a pileus.
2. Having a crest covering the pileum. Used of a bird.

[From Latin pīleātus, wearing a pileus, from pīleus, felt cap.]


(ˈpaɪ liˌeɪ tɪd, ˈpɪl i-)

adj. Ornith.


- Etymologically means "capped," like a mushroom, but now refers to a bird with a crest on the top of the head from the bill to the nape.
See also related terms for mushroom.
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When they aren't riding, guests can soak in a hot springs pool, shoot hoops in the barn, or join Jerry Baker, the family naturalist, on a birding hike to look for pileated woodpeckers, Western tan-agers, and dozens of other species.
The C&O also attracts birdwatchers, who have spotted green herons, wood ducks, pileated woodpeckers, and many other species.
Because Shasta Costa lies between two wilderness areas, the Wild Rogue and the Kalmiopsis, foresters maped corridors to allow animals such as the pine marten and pileated woodpecker to migrate between the two.
Threatened and sensitive species known to exist in the headwaters include rare plants (aster vialis and cimicifuga elata), red-legged frogs and pileated woodpeckers.
While species like wild turkey, bear and pileated woodpeckers benefit from aging forests, grouse may suffer.
12th: By this time in the year, listen for the increasing frequency of titmouse song in the morning, the occasional call of a blue jay, the appearance of pileated woodpeckers at feeders, the falling of the prickly sweet gum seed balls, and an allergic response by some people to pollen from pine trees.
While hiking, canoeing, kayaking, or eating a picnic lunch, watch for Gulf Coast spiny softshell turtles, loggerhead shrikes, pileated woodpeckers, Seminole bats, and spotted salamanders.
The bird is too big to be a pileated woodpecker but falls into the range of museum specimens of ivory-billed woodpeckers, the team says.
Hunter/naturalists who pause to watch a pileated woodpecker might not mesh with guys whose can positively identify only chickens, chicken hawks, turkeys and "dickey birds.
Representatives from FFI, the Cambodian Government Wildlife Protection Office, the German working group on rainforests and the Cat Action Treasury spent two weeks surveying the mountains and saw evidence of several threatened species including wild cow, wild dog, pigtailed macaque and pileated gibbon.
Listen for some of these woodpeckers needling the oaks: downy, pileated, or red-breasted sapsucker.