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or pile-up  (pīl′ŭp′)
1. Informal A serious collision usually involving several motor vehicles.
2. An accumulation: "the pile-up of unsold autos" (New York Times).



1. a collision of several or many moving vehicles.
2. an accumulation, as of chores or bills.
3. a rough or disorderly falling of people upon one another, as in a football game.
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Noun1.pileup - multiple collisions of vehiclespileup - multiple collisions of vehicles  
collision - an accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object; "three passengers were killed in the collision"; "the collision of the two ships resulted in a serious oil spill"


or pile-up
Informal. A wrecking of a vehicle:
Informal: crackup.
hromadná srážka
lančani sudar
연쇄 충돌
tai nạn liên hoàn


إِصْطِدَام hromadná srážka harmonikasammenstød Massenkarambolage καραμπόλα choque en cadena ketjukolari carambolage lančani sudar tamponamento a catena 山積み 연쇄 충돌 kettingbotsing opphopning nagromadzenie choque em cadeia, engavetamento массовая автокатастрофа seriekrock รถชนกันหลายคัน yığılmak tai nạn liên hoàn 数辆车同时碰撞事件
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This integrated system should counter the negative impact of waste pileups on streets, not to mention diseases caused by open-air burning, Saeed said in a statement Sunday.
In the East, blinding snow squalls on highways caused at least three significant pileups of cars and trucks, two in Pennsylvania and one in New York.
Commuters fear that grave pileups could occur anytime due to this dangerous pedestrian movement.
The Iowa State Patrol responded to 185 accidents across the state on Monday, many of which involved multiple car pileups, resulting in a number of casualties, due to a snowstorm.
TOLEDO, Ohio -- Already winter-weary parts of the Midwest and East Coast are dealing with a mounting number of weather-related headaches, from highway pileups to frozen pipes and a rash of car thefts.
In this special section, we consider some enduring classics--the sweaty pileups of the 1960s and '70s, the boundary-pushing and less heteronormative fiction of the '80s, and the bleak satires of '90s excess.
Dubai -- At least 87 traffic accidents, including a 10-car and a five-car pileups, were reported in Dubai on Sunday morning as a thick flog blanketed the emirate.
ETNA, Maine -- More than 75 vehicles got tangled up in a series of chain-reaction pileups Wednesday along a snowy stretch of Interstate 95 in Maine, injuring at least 17 people, state police said.
JEDDAH: Irfan MohammedThe Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs is tendering cleaning contracts in major cities to more than one company to reduce dependency on a particular company in case of disputes where striking workers have caused garbage pileups particularly in the holy city of Makkah.
Portions of both the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 78 were shut down after chain-reaction pileups SCOTLAND Close-up of an Antonbrunnia worm, now being examined by experts at the National Museum of Wales: it is one of four new species recently discovered in the ocean plateau around Rockall, hundreds of miles off the north-west Scottish mainland Pic: MARINE SCOTLAND SCIENCE
With helmer Leigh Silverman facilitating the dizzying time leaps and character pileups of this techno-comedy, the scribe explores our slavish dependence on humanoid robots (and robotic humans) in order to function.