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Plural of pilus.
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n, pl -lis
1. (Plants) a burseraceous Philippine tree, Canarium ovatum, with edible seeds resembling almonds
2. (Plants) Also called: pilinut the seed of this tree
[from Tagalog]


pl n, sing pilus (ˈpaɪləs)
(Microbiology) bacteriol short curled hairlike processes on the surface of certain bacteria that are involved in conjugation and the attachment of the bacteria to other cells
[C20: from Latin: hairs]
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(ˈpaɪ laɪ)

Biol. pl. of pilus.
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People with androgenic alopecia lack arrector pili muscles in their scalp.
The hairs of the cases were evaluated by light microscopy, and 7 (26.9%) cases had pili annulati (Figure 2).
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Expression of type 1 pili is the result of phase variation, where there is a switching between nonpiliated cells (Phase-OFF) and piliated cells (Phase-ON) [11].
All strains isolated from the patients reported here expressed CPS, pili, or both surface-associated GBS virulence factors.
(10) Pili do not only function in the host-pathogen interaction by enabling adhesion to and invasion of host cells, but the interaction of pili with host cell receptors is essential to the induction of inflammation via the production of inflammatory markers, such as cytokines.
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