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pill 1

1. A small pellet or tablet of medicine, often coated, taken by swallowing whole or by chewing.
2. Informal An oral contraceptive. Used with the.
3. Slang Something, such as a baseball, that resembles a pellet of medicine.
4. Something both distasteful and necessary.
5. Slang An insipid or ill-natured person.
v. pilled, pil·ling, pills
1. To dose with pills.
2. To make into pills.
3. Slang To blackball.
To form small balls resembling pills: a sweater that pills.

[Middle English pille, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German pille and Old French pile, all from Latin pilula, diminutive of pila, ball; see pellet.]

pill 2

v. pilled, pil·ling, pills
v.intr. Chiefly British
To come off, as in flakes or scales.
v.tr. Archaic
To subject to extortion.

[Middle English pillen, to plunder, peel, from Old English pilian; see peel1 and from Old French piller, to plunder; see pillage.]
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(Recreational Drugs) drugs slang under the influence of drugs taken in the form of pills
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