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Once caught, the bird was placed into a pillowslip to minimise distress and was then taken out of public viewing for processing.
For them there was no waking up at dawn to empty the pillowslip and shouting, "He's been, Mom, and look what he's brought me." The usual presents consisted of a blood orange, a russet apple, a new penny and a few mixed nuts.
Firefighters believe the sun's rays caught a magnifying vanity mirror on a table and bounced the light back on to a pillowslip, settling it alight.
The cool smell of starch from the pillowslip made me feel small again, and cared for.
The baby was found wrapped in a towel in a white pillowslip in a large blue IKEA bag, in the hospital's maternity ward reception area 10 days ago.
Sandra, 55, from Luton, Beds, hid her winning Lucky Bag in her pillowslip to keep it safe..."I was scared I'd lose it before I sent it off to make my claim," she said.
The floral jacquard stripe pillowslip reveals a sliver of soft color when pulled over the extra long hems of the washed silk pillowcases.
His mother's good black silk dress, with the garnet pin and garnet earrings, was folded intoan old pillowslip. The calico Mother Hubbard dresses she wore daytimes and when she was sewing.
And he admitted to a psychologist that he had previously walked around with his 'kit' - - a bag containing ties, a pillowslip and a hat with cut-out eyeholes.
I'm sure there were tears shed on the Barbie pillowslip that night, but Harry was adamant.
At the end of the day you are talking about a giant pillowslip.