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FEBRUARY 9, 1988 - Helen McCourt calls her mum to say she'll be home for tea by 5.30pm but vanishes while walking home FEBRUARY 10, 1988 - Ian Simms's clothing, bloodstained tea towels and pillowslips found MARCH 1988 - Helen's clothes are found and linked to Simms MARCH 1989 - Simms is found guilty of murder at Liverpool Crown Court and jailed for life 1999 - Simms disputes the trial's DNA findings 2007 & 2009 - Simms appeals for parole, but is rejected OCTOBER 2013 - Hopes grow of finding Helen's body as Merseyside Police exhume a grave at St Aidan's Church, Billinge, but no trace of her remains is found APRIL 2016 - Simms is moved to an open prison MARCH 2019 - Simms is seen out on the street after being allowed day release
Legacies and other things, such as bloodstained pillowslips. I used to sit here and she used to sit there and death was as close as you are.
The soft, watery effect on this duvet and pillowslips from Christy (www.christyhome.com) looks deliciously cool and inviting.
Doctor Francis Wilson was accused of 'stealing sheets, pillowslips, shawls and a purse, to the value of PS2, from the boarding house of Matlida Matson'.
Aggie, who co-hosted the Channel 4 series with Kim Woodburn until 2009, recommends that sheets and pillowslips on an adult's bed are washed once a week and once a fortnight for a child.
She stopped at one table to finger the scalloped hems, at the next to ogle the white roses embroidered on pillowslips. I guess she could see their attraction better in here.
This association is also corroborated by other passages from "Ocean," for instance the "skates the shape of old pillowslips with the full, coy lips of women" (118).
Handwoven in palm leaf with handles for the shopping, banana leaf baskets for bread, black bamboo baskets for pants and pillowslips."