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The soft, watery effect on this duvet and pillowslips from Christy (www.
It covers the supply of items including sheets, duvets, pillowslips, towels and table cloths, as well as a range of stretch covers to be used on a variety of furniture.
Doctor Francis Wilson was accused of 'stealing sheets, pillowslips, shawls and a purse, to the value of PS2, from the boarding house of Matlida Matson'.
Aggie, who co-hosted the Channel 4 series with Kim Woodburn until 2009, recommends that sheets and pillowslips on an adult's bed are washed once a week and once a fortnight for a child.
This association is also corroborated by other passages from "Ocean," for instance the "skates the shape of old pillowslips with the full, coy lips of women" (118).
She would spend hours embroidering initials on sheets or pillowslips and doing fancy designs.
Handwoven in palm leaf with handles for the shopping, banana leaf baskets for bread, black bamboo baskets for pants and pillowslips.